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15 Sept, London


The time has come to pack up our shit and trapse on in to the nearest studio. The 'Living Room Demos' have served us well, but we feel that maybe a little more sheen is needed for our raucous noise. Plans after... well, we'll sniff around some labels or release it ourselves and be (not so) sexy entrepreneurs... bleurgh, art is dead... Watch this space.

Subterranean Popular

Sickly-sweet sugarcane grunge & fuzz-box nursey rhymes

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The Islington, London


The Rhythm Factory, London


Tower Tavern, London

Music Bloggers Needed


18 Sept, London


Probably not what we should be asking for, but if anyone fancies coming to watch us and reviewing our show or even just giving our demos a little listen, we'd appreciate the digital press clippings we can doll ourselves up with. Hopefully we can dangle it in front of some labels in a street corner and they'll take us home...

Subterranean Popular

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